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Our Association was founded to help people with Down Syndrome and support their families and care takers in all spheres and at every stage of life. An important aspect of our activity is assistance in comprehensive rehabilitation and medical care. We are the first Polish association to become member of the European Association for People with Down Syndrome – EDSA.

Goals of our Association :

  1. Integration of people with special needs, their families, care takers and friends.
  2. Creating a database about doctors, specialists and medical facilities oriented to professional help for children with Down’s syndrome.
  3. Conducting information and publishing activities in the field of people with special needs, their families and care takers.
  4. Supporting the education process and creating new solutions in the field of education.
  5. Assistance and consultation in matters concerning the legal sphere of life of people with special needs.
  6. Establishing and promoting national and international cooperation within the framework of statutory goals.
  7. Dissemination of knowledge in the field of global achievements in the field of improving the quality of life of people with disabilities.
  8. We organize national and international scientific conferences dedicated to advances in the treatment, rehabilitation and education of children with Down syndrome.
  9. We establish contacts with doctors and other associations from Poland and the world, who through the website present us with new information regarding the treatment and support of people with trisomy 21.
  10. As part of projects to improve the image of people with Down syndrome and their place in society, we issue wall calendars, we organize outdoor exhibitions presenting a positive image of people with intellectual disabilities. We organize charity concerts.

We have initiated an educational program that aims to facilitate parents’ access to kindergartens or integration schools. As part of this project, we strive to improve the educational conditions of children and youth in educational institutions.
An important element of the association’s activity are integration meetings of families of people with Down’s syndrome, on which we exchange information regarding current affairs as well as problems related to medical and educational aspects.

If you want to contact us, please sent your email to or contact number (+48) 608 307 116